March to the Moon

"March to the Moon is quite literally everything I've ever wanted in a vertical-scrolling shooter, and even more I didn't know I wanted. Combine the bizarre plot and enemies that continue as the difficulty levels scale comfortably, with the immediate ability to build (and rebuild at will) a character with whatever weapons, skills, and abilities you prefer, and you have a deeply-customizable, immensely-replayable RPG-shooter. Bottom line, buy it. It comes with the highest recommendation I can offer." -The XBLIG

"I don't really know of anyone who could say this game isn't fun and afterall isn't that what we want from our games?" -Dannie Kitten

"One thing I really liked about this game was the way the skillset system was setup. It's nothing short of brilliant." -OtakuDante

XBLIG Pick by Indie Games the Weblog

"Offering a vast amount of customization and replay value, MTTM is a highly amusing bullet-hell stroll to the stars.", "Unlocking Spiky Hair by getting over 9000 exp points? I laughed hard!" -XBLIGR

March to the Moon will once again be available on Windows once we find a place to put it.

Siphon Spirit

In Siphon Spirit you use an orb of holy energy to purify and absorb demon energy and use it against them. Miranda, a young priestess, has to fight against demons, necromancers and the undead as she fights to save the man she loves.

Spirits of Elduurn

These two spirits have finally found a new home, but it's crawling with demons! Help them cleanse the world of Elduurn and make it safe for humans to live in!

Free to play in your browser, just Click Here