Califer Games

Califer Games is a small indie game company. We are currently made of two members, Curtis Mirci (Programming) and Peter Anderson (Art). We split the design between us so we both get a chance to work on it.

We get some help from project to project from different people. We'll be adding them to this page after getting their permission

Curtis Mirci

When I was young I used to design my own pen and paper role playing games and I'd play them with friends.

When it was time to go to college I wanted to be a game designer so I planned to get an English degree to help me write all the documentation correctly.

My dad convinced me that that was a bad idea and I decided to get a computer science degree instead. I actually planned to use the degree simply as an idea of what the programmers could and couldn't do.

However, once I'd started making my own programs I knew this was what I really wanted to do. I started making my own game in college to help me learn better.

It was called Darkened Dreams, a text-based RPG that I eventually added a map to because I don't like text-based games. But when I got a job in the games industry (at a place called Sensory Sweep) I met Peter and showed it to him.

He liked it well enough that he wanted to do some drawings for it. I decided to just do the sequel instead (even though I never finished the story for the first) and we went with it. Since we weren't being too serious we made some design decisions based on how easy it would be for us to make it rather than how fun it would be.

Eventually we realized that Sensory Sweep wasn't going to keep paying us for working there. We started getting serious about selling it. Looking at it like that made us realize that it was no good. Since I'd already had a turn at being the designer it was Peter's turn. So we started on Siphon Spirit and we hope to eventually finish it.

Peter Anderson

I've done animation and game design for three separate video game studios over the last 6 years, but working for others on their projects doesn't give you full ownership or creative control.

Curtis and I created Califer Games because we have so many fun ideas. I like games with substance, thought-provoking narratives, fresh mechanics and real challenges. My hope is that you'll find all of this in our games, current and future.

Favorite games? Fantasy MMO's, League of Legends, and RPG's. I also enjoy Science Ficion. You will see their influences in our games, but hopefully it will feel like a fresh approach each time. I draw inspiration from life, personal beliefs, and philosophy, with an emphasis on fun.

I hope you enjoy our games.